December 2014 and The New Year!

Stanatron 01December 2014 was a very productive month at the studio. I had wrapped up all of my major “out of house” projects right before Thanksgiving. This gave me the unique chance to concentrate on writing and recording my own material. Throughout the month I put down tracks on 10 new songs. These songs will be the basis for several 2015 projects including Jordan•Everett, Junior Varsity Arson & Stan Sobczak. I also will be performing live twice in January. One is an encore performance of Stanatron at the Salvation Cafe in Newport, RI. The other is a performance is a real treat for me. I will be playing in Tanya Donelly’s band for a performance also at the Salvation Cafe in Newport. These performances should be a great time, and I’m really looking forward to writing guitar parts for the TD show! Also in January 2015 I will begin a new recording with Swan Point. This will be the 2nd record I’ve recorded with them, and I will be starting a record with Jets Can’t Land. Here’s to 2015!

Stanatron Show Information

Tanya Donelly Show Information

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