The Masons

The Masons

The Masons is Kraig’s longest running recording project. The Masons began in 1988 when Kraig experimented with 4-Track recording and songwriting in his dorm room. Since then Kraig has been sharpening, honing and refining his craft. Kraig regularly collaborates with Don Sanders and together they developed “The Masons’ Method”:

  • Conjure: Get an idea for a song. Sometimes this may only be an idea of an idea.
  • Negotiate: Ask the song what it wants. Don’t offer anything, let it tell you.
  • Provide: Give the song what it needs. No more, no less.

The Masons have released 4 LPs (including the double LP Warm Days Long Shadows) and continue to write and record new material.

Listen on Spotify:

The Masons – Warm Days Long Shadows

The Masons – Let You Down Easy

The Masons – Change Me Back

The Masons – Before the Masons

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