Junior Varsity Arson

Junior Varsity Arson

Junior Varsity Arson play Lonely Guy Rock. A soundtrack for men who are banned from certain establishments; men who were thrown out of record stores and video stores; men who have endless theories and endless amounts of time to explain those theories; men who are willing to tell you what you’re doing wrong; men with big crushes on the women behind the counter; men with the inside story; old men who despise what this country has become; young men who play Dungeons & Dragons with vintage pewter pieces; men who know their own IQs; men who cannot rock.
Junior Varisty Arson have a lot of rock to do. They consist of Kraig Jordan, Don Sanders, Dave Narcizo and Guy Benoit.


Her Parents Love Me

I’m Hooked

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Junior Varsity Arson Self Titled EP



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